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“The Society of Professional Engineers” is a non-profit Technical Professional Registered Engineering global organization in Chennai, Tamilnadu, updating vital information in field of Engineering and Technology. SPE is established in Chennai and is being sponsored and supported by various professional global organizations. The SPE represents the many faces of Engineering rather than any one specialization and is appropriate for all Engineering Professionals throughout their working life to become a professional Registered Practice.

SPE is an established key player in the world of engineering and technology. We value our Professional Engineers , Our excellence in professional development and our national & global reputation. SPE is now taking forward the challenges of future. It will ensure that the role of engineers and technologists in various industries that have an impact on our daily lives is understood. SPE takes on the role of developing , promoting and announcing the progression of Engineering Science and transfers the technology to its Professional registration and, in turn, registration of the global community .SPE operates throughout India in several cities & global and has more Professional registration as a Registered Engineer.


The Secretary, Society of Professional Engineers, Engineering Today Building, Post Box No: 1, Chennai - 600 126. Tamilnadu, India.
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